Unit Pin Won't Update

We have been trying to update our Unit Pin but not having any luck. Many of the fields are greyed out not letting us add data. The toggles aren’t active either. We have updated the Contact Info but it doesn’t update out on the BSA site when your search for our Unit.

Please advise

my guess is your recharter has not been fully processed

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My Units PIN are not visible at BeaScout.org. Checked all setting and all seems ok. Other units of the area are visible. Any actions?

Did you set and save your address on the bottom of the page?

I’ve seen instances in the past where the location isn’t saved - even if the address is listed on top - so the system thinks your at lat/lon 0/0 which is in the Atlantic Ocean off Africa. That might be find for a Sea Scout Ship, but not for most other units :wink:

@HiramRodriguez - I would also ask if the recharter has posted as completed with a new expiration date. I have seen that mess with beascout pins. Additionally any change to beascout is a 24 hour embargo to post the change.

Our unit pin information is updated and the address is correct, but when I go on beascout.scouting.org the location is wrong. It’s in the right town, but not the right location. It isn’t the Council HQ location either. The SAVE button at the bottom of the Unit Location block is grayed out. Recharter is complete. Any other suggestions?

@MeghanRipple something to talk to council about - as I think they can turn pin access off now for some bizarre reason

This may be your solution. From a previous post I made…

To fix this issue… There is a setting under “Unit Pin” called “Pin Mode” which is only available at the council level to admins, including Council Key3, Council key3 Delegates, and some others. Make sure that “Allow Units to Update Pin Information ” is checked. For NEW units, this is not set “to allow units” by default. See the image below.

This setting has been there for several years that I’m aware. It only appears on the screen if you have the correct access level.

I hope this helps.

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