BeAScout Registration Error

Hi team,

I have a Leader that is trying to register his two children with our pack. We tried to sort it out in a different discussion thread, but that thread closed.

The parent gets the attached error (You are not authorized to access this API) when attempting and can go no further.

I contacted the previous council and the fixed the erroneous relationships, so now we don’t know what to do from here. Help!

Parent: 13970165
Children: 137513462 and 14772541

@StephenLambert_II the user themself really need to be on here to help them - that MID you post has no username - I see a different username for council 439 - neither have Scout relationships

@StephenLambert_II they had a third MID that has the relationships - I made it primary - have them try again

In my experience, it needs an overnight sync first.

This seems to be an older one - no modifications since 2021

Thank you @DonovanMcNeil. He’ll try again in the morning.

Hi everyone I’m the user in this case, I’m wondering if this has to either the fact that some reason I have two identical accounts attached to my email address. I have no idea how that happened as I only signed up the one time and instantly got a notification that there were two

Getting an additional error now

@DonovanMcNeil / @jacobfetzer: Between this thread and the other, this has been going on for a while now. Is there something that you can do on your end to just push the two accounts over? Seems to be a series of small incremental “fixes” with similar results.

This is a council issue - I suggest going to a paper app

Will do! Thank you sincerely for all the support on this one!

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