Parent can't log in to existing account

I have a parent who set up her account and connected to her son in Scoutbook. She just emailed me to let me know that she can’t log in anymore.

About a week ago she tried logging in and received an error stating that her Username/Password is invalid so she tried resetting it but it sent her to an error page. There was some scheduled maintenance that day so I told her to try again when it was done.

Today, she tried again to log in but her attempts were rejected and she is told that there is no member with the information she put in.

Her BSA MID# is 133640393; Scoutbook User ID# is 11055125. I can see she is connected to her son in Scoutbook, I can access her Scoutbook profile, and Scoutbook notes that she logged in 25 days ago so I don’t think this is a case of her account not existing.

The volunteers here have been so helpful to others facing similar issues, I’m hoping you can assist me here as well. Thank you!

This record is messed up in ScoutNET/Akela. The system has a date of birth for her that matches her son. You will need to contact your Council to get this fixed before we can do anything to fix Scoutbook.

Thank you for looking in to is. I’ll bring the issue to our Council.

I contacted our Council Scoutbook person and just heard back today. She said she can’t correct DOB in Scoubook, just update ScoutNet and merge duplicate accounts.

When I initially emailed her a week ago, I did note that the record was wrong in ScoutNet/Akela (as you pointed out) but I don’t know if she missed that or didn’t check. I did respond to ask her to check and see if she can see/fix the error in ScoutNet.

I guess I’ll wait and see what happens. Hopefully it’s able to be fixed soon since the scout’s parent isn’t able to use the RSVP function or do anything related to her son within Socutbook.

The day after she corrects the DOB in ScoutNET, we can update the DOB in Scoutbook by doing a Sync from Akela. I just checked Akela and the DOB is still 2010.

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Good news! The DOB has been corrected in ScoutNet and shows correctly in Scoutbook.

Before I ask the parent to try logging in again, is there anything else that needs to be corrected so that her account works properly again?

The account was marked as a youth account. I have changed it to an adult account. It looks like everything is now correct. Go ahead and ask her to log in. The username is her e-mail address.

I asked the parent to log in to her scoutbook account using her email as the username. She said she is still unable to log in and that it won’t verify her information to reset the password.

Is it possible to reset her password on your end?

Can she log in to She needs to use the same password as

I will ask but I doubt she’s ever been to the site.

The information I see shows her with a ID (her e-mail address). This is the ID and password she needs to login to Scoutbook. She may be able to use the bot to reset he password. Click on
image to get to the bot.

The parent got back to me. She says she tried using her email/password at my.scouting and it did not work. She also said the chatbot feature did not work.

It is definitely not easy trying to troubleshoot issues when I am not watching what the person is doing on their end!

She will need to contact your Council to have the password reset.

Good news! I had her contact Council and she is back in her account. Thank you for your assistance.


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