Error when trying to transfer my scout to a new council

Hi, I successfully transferred 2 of my scouts to a new troop and council, but I keep getting an error message for the 3rd:
“Error Our apologies, but we are experiencing an error on our end. Please contact your local council to report it.Error: You are not authorized to access this API.”

I contacted the scout service center and they said the old troop needs to do the transfer, so I contacted them, and they said they could only do in-council transfers…

Scout ID is 13876373 trying to transfer to Crossroads of the West council, Troop 1966.

@KatherineDzieciolows Please ask the other parent to try to make the transfer.

Alternatively, ask your local council to use their Registrar Tools and look up the Scout. In the “Relationships” section, they should add you as a parent.

Unfortunately, none of my kids show up in my account, only my husband’s. That’s how I was able to do the other 2. I can see all my kids and their advancement on my Scoutbook account though.

I will try calling the service center tomorrow to see if they can add me and my husband as a parent in the “relationship” section.
Thank you.

That basically the only way it will get done “in the official” my.scouting records.

I emailed the service center, because the registrar is never available by phone. She responded that my husband is listed as a relationship in his profile. We only see the relationship on scoutbook.


And the registrar can add you as well. The BSA systems do not limit youth to one parent/guardian.

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I asked her to, but she didn’t. I’ll try again. Thanks!

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