Bert Adams Scout Camp advancement file (CSV) and upload options

Hey folks, after scouring search and other topics I am hoping someone possibly knows if the advancement files from Bert Adams (GA / Atlanta Area Council), which is provided as a CSV, can be uploaded or converted for upload. I could not find any guidance on the pipe-delimited TXT file that internet advancement takes as I have no issue converting the file myself.

Thanks for any tips or tricks; hoping to save time having to manually update 20ish scouts all with varying partial completions.

@MatthewWritt - is this black pug or something else

I believe that SUAC has noted previously that the BSA is only sharing the format of the IA2 upload file with specific third-party software providers (it wasn’t specified which ones, but there was an approval process by BSA implied). It seemed pretty clear at the time that the BSA had no intention of sharing that formatting information with the general public (i.e. volunteers).

@Stephen_Hornak is likely on to a good line of inquiry. If the output file you have from your council is from Black Pug, there is an upload process in the Feature Assistant Extension (Feature Assistant - What is it?) that uses native Scoutbook features, rather than relying on the proprietary IA2 upload file format pathway. The best way to determine that is to reach out to your council summer camp contacts to find out what software (if any) they use. It’s possible that they simply have everything in an Excel file, and export to CSV to be more platform/software independent.

The CSV file did not work with their browser add on so assume it is not.

@MatthewWritt - I did check out your council camp and it is a Tentaroo set up for your council period… so sorry this will not happen.

Thanks for looking into it and verifying there isn’t options for Tentaroo.