Make Inactive "Level"

It would be super helpful to have an “Inactive” Level to assign to a den for all the kids who have dropped scouting but are still on the roster. It’s messy when doing reporting etc to see then assigned to a rank/position and also makes generating pivot tables etc messy.

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If they have dropped, you can go to their membership in the unit and add an end date. This will remove them from your Scoutbook roster.

There is a back story for an inactive Sub unit

I have tried that and they come back. I have been repeatedly told I cannot get them off my roster until recharter (renewal). I currently have 70+ kids sitting in that category and need a solution for dealing with them when pulling reports etc.

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If they crossed over to a troop or transferred to another unit, your Council should end the membership in your unit. If they simply dropped and did not join another unit, then they will remain on your official roster. They will only come back into SB if someone touches their official membership record.

I agree. This has been a problem in the past but I knew how to correct it in old scoutbook. Hopefully this gets added as a backlog item

Memberships are still in scoutbook. You can add an end date there.

I am having a similar issue. We have 3 scouts that have dropped and I had previously ended their membership on SB, one for instance back in 11/2023. They are now showing back up as Scouts not listed in a den and when I go to end membership, it takes me to Scoutbook Plus with no way to actually end the membership. Just gives me an option to place them in a den.

@CaitlinCornell - I tried on one of my scouts and I still get the scoutbook membership page where I can put an end date but mine are all in existing dens. If I click re-assign den then I am placed at the roster in scoutbook+. On the one from 2023 are they sill on the roster at ? I would think they would have been removed at recharter.

I can do a screenshare if you want.

They were all new scouts, who joined in August/September and had to pay the 12 month fees, then our Unit recharted in December and we could not drop them from recharter because they had already paid for the full year. When I go into each of their membships, I can see when I previously ended the membership in our unit, but as of June 5, the 3 of them are showing back up, essentially as new youth members.

@CaitlinCornell - ah… yes the pre-paid could not be dropped at recharter. If you are up to it I can try a screen share to take a look… Entirely up to you.

Most councils have fake units to put scouts like that in also

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This does not sound like a technical issue; this sounds like a retention issue.

Wow! That’s incredibly unhelpful. It doesn’t matter how good your retention is especially at the cub level you are going to have scouts that drop at some point during their paid membership. Then you are stuck with managing them on the online system until they drop when they don’t renew.

Separately it’s ridiculous that I have 70+ in this category but a lot of that is out of my control and a product of issues related to the recruiting methods used by our council.

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