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Best Practice: New Scouts and Parents

All-seeking help with best practice.

In our pack, parents join (some packs don’t do that, not sure why). Parents need to complete YPT. So we usually get the Scout app in and the scout entered in Scoutbook fairly quickly but the parent doesn’t get officially entered until their YPT is completed (which can take anywhere from a few days to forever).

Do we:

A) Manually create a record for the parent and connect that record to the scout, then attempt to merge that record with their “new record” when we get their paperwork turned in?

B) Wait for the adult app to process and then connect the scout to the adult record in the database?

Looking for a tech support response, please no opinions “from the field”

Well we have seen alot of dupe accounts for adults that later do YPT - so B might be better but you might have significant lag in communication with families too

Parents are supposed to be able to log into my.scouting using their scoutbook credentials. However, that was broken last I checked. It was reported to IT, but I’ve not heard that it’s fixed. In theory, that’d take care of it. I believe that’s the official solution from IT.

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