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Is there a recommended way to add a parent and later make them a leader?

When a Scout joins, we want to add a parent right away, so that we have an email to communicate with the family. Often, the parent then decides to join as a leader, taking YPT and submitting an application. This frequently results in a duplicate record in Scoutbook, since the new adult record flows over to Scoutbook, and then it is necessary to contact support to merge the two records. This seems like it should be an exception process, rather than the standard way to do it. Is there a recommended flow to make this flow as smoothly as possible? Is there a way to get a BSAID into a parent record, other than when the record comes from Council? Thanks


Make sure before the parent submits the application that the current record in Scoutbook has data that matches the application. Name must match exactly. This should allow Member Update to match the existing record with the new record so that a duplicate is not created.

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YPT should be taken prior to submitting the Leader application. When they create an account in my.scouting they are assigned a BSA ID number. Use that number in Scoutbook parent account. That way when the application is processed there should be a match and no new account should be created.

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How do you “use” the BSA ID number that my.scouting assigns in an existing parent record in Scoutbook? That field does not appear to allow input, even by the user himself. Thanks

In Scoutbook, the user needs to go to:

My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> Switch SSO Profile

and add the BSA Member # there.

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@ElisabethWoody The field should not be locked when it is blank. This is a bug. I’m reporting it to the developers.

@JenniferOlinger For parents who do not have my.scouting accounts, switch SSO won’t help.

@ElisabethWoody @JenniferOlinger Sorry, please disregard my last post. :roll_eyes: Jennifer is correct. Its a long day… I wasn’t thinking clearly. Once the adult has a BSA ID to enter, they also should have a my.scouting account, and they can use switch SSO.