Better formatting for Event Comment Notifications

Hi, I just created a comment on an event. I used several line breaks to make the post clear. While the web view kept them, the email notification removed them entirely. This make the notification almost unreadable. Is it reasonable to keep the line breaks for the notification emails?

The comment notification email only goes to the event creator, I believe. Given that context, is maintaining the formatting still valuable? I’m not arguing against it, just trying to understand the use case.

Yikes! I didn’t realize that I was the only one who got it! I guess that’s NOT a good way of communicating additional information. Thanks for the warning. I guess I’ll modify the event itself so that the scheduled notification includes the info. :slight_smile:

Event comments are visible to unit admins also, but I don’t think they get a notification email.

So, if it’s the comments “under” the calendar event (i.e. in the calendar interface), those are actually visible to anyone who can see the calendar, but the only “notification” that goes out is to the event creator.

If it is the comments inside the calendar event (i.e. after you Edit Event), then those are only visible to people who have Edit Calendar access (unit admins, Key 3, K3D, and Unit Secretary, I think?).

Yeah, I figured it was visible, but no one in our troop is used to looking at it. I just added the info to the description of the event and let the “1 hour before” notification do the work.

Thanks again for the info.

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