Better Merit Badge And Stem Counselor selection (multiple-council)

I belong to two councils. All my training is under my first council. I wear many hats such as Merit Badge Counselor, Stem, Leave No trace, etc. For all of these I am “All scouts”. The trouble is scout book search for the counselor is only associated with the training connected (approved) council. I do come up on a National Search but (2nd council - 1st council) miles away distance and tagged as the 1st council. So I don’t show up nearby to my 2nd council and that’s where my new home is 280 miles away though I am still registered and still work and train for my 1st council. If I’m registered with the council being searched, then I should show up despite which council I am tagged for and “national” shouldn’t have to be checked.

You are registered in Ventura Council as a MBC. You are not registered in Sequoia Council as a MBC.

If you are being searched by a user in Sequoia Council, - you would be out of Council, regardless of your physical address.

Councils operate independently and there is no registration sharing between them.

Having said all of that - you will soon run into some issues if you maintain multi-Council registrations unless some action is taken to “separate” your registrations.

Scoutbook does not support multi-council registrations within a single account. If you choose to continue with two Councils, you will need two Scoutbook accounts. When you moved, the system treated it as a transfer from Ventura to Sequoia, and updated your member ID in your Scoutbook account from Ventura to Sequoia. When this happened, it added your new Troop positions in Sequoia. However, you then logged in and the system could no longer find your Ventura SB account because it had the new Sequoia BSA member ID in it - so it changed the ID back. Thia means that you show up in the Ventura Scoutbook roster with a yellow warning triangle next to your name because that Scoutbook account identifies you as a leader in a different Council.

To fix - you will need to ask the Sequoia Council to modify your registration - instead of using your full middle name, use just the first initial. This has the effect of telling the system that the registrations are separate and not a transfer.

When that is completed, you will need to either repost here to have us fix your accounts manually or ask your Council to open a ticket because they will be unable to correct the issue themselves.

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