How to do Scoutbook with 2 Different Councils in 2 States? (update needed from 2019 thread)

I have a leader in our Troop in Georgia who is still assisting with his old Troop in Nebraska. He was rechartered in Georgia for 2022, but has lost Scoutbook access with the scouts from his old Troop in Nebraska. He only sees Georgia Troop/Scouts in Scoutbook. We tried to do an online ‘multiple’ application in, but we could not search for the Troop in Nebraska. Does the online ‘multiple’ application button only work for inner council Packs/Troops?

Below is a thread I found from Nov '19. Will this work today? If the Nebraska Troop adds him to their roster by doing an email search, he should have connections and see both Troops in his Scoutbook?
When I look for him by email search to do a connection, he shows up twice; R.D. T*** GA Council and R.D T*** NE Council. Should the NE Troop connect to R.D. T*** GA Council since he is rechartered in GA?

How to use scoutbook with two different councils in two states

Nov 2019


Nov '19

I’m the advancement chair for a cubscout pack in CT (the council gave me their own membership number). I will be advancement chair for a boy scout troop in NY(which uses my their own membership number) and how is that going to work in scoutbook? At this time scoutbook only recognizes only the primary membership number from legacy in . I’m hoping scoutbook has already had this situation. I don’t see it listed in any discussions.

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Nov '19

Have the unit in NY manually add you as advancement chair to their roster. They can search for you by you by the e-mail address attached to the Scoutbook account you normally use. You do not need to use the Scoutbook account that was created when the NY council added you with a different BSA Member ID.

Note this is different than a Scout. A Scout in 2 councils will need to use both accounts in order to have advancement properly recorded in each Council.

He has two options:

  1. Create a second username for the other council and essentially treat him as two different people
  2. Use manage member ID to flip the primary ID to the one he wants access to in Scoutbook. This would still require two separate scoutbook accounts, but he’d be able to log into them with the same username.

If we do step 1, wouldn’t he have to be rechartered in the other council to have ASM access? And with a second username, it would require another email address but not be linked to his current account?

If we do step 2, seems more complicated for the user.

I see this getting more complicated as he is active duty military and could move again. He is visiting the NE Troop this weekend and they can discuss the course of action for the way ahead. I’ll update if/when he decides what he wants to do. Thanks!

I read it as he was still registered in both councils. Is that not the case?

He was rechartered in the GA council in 2022 as he is currently located in GA. Does the recharter (to national) not transcend between councils? Should he or the Troops have to pay separate recharters just because he hold multiple positions in different councils?

Side question: When a scout or adult transfers councils, shouldn’t the recharter transfer as well either in full or partial depending on the council’s recharter calendar because that $72scout / $45adult goes to national? (I am in an active duty military family that will be moving to AK. In our GA council, recharter is tied to the calendar year, where AK council recharter is tied to the school year. So we will be testing this theory with 2 adult leaders, 2 Troop scouts and 1 Cub Scout.)

Each council has their own unique set of bsa member numbers. So, it’s like he’s two different people from that perspective. He would only have to pay one national fee per year (that transfers), but there may be some pro ration if the two councils are on different recharter dates. He would likely have to pay both council fees (if they have them), but that’d be up to the council.

With all of that in mind, does he plan to continue the old registration? If so, future recharters could continue to overwrite each other if we don’t deal with it appropriately.

From a scoutbook perspective, any registration nationally should be good to add them to another unit.

Please clarify your statement ‘does he plan to continue the old registration?’ Do you mean will he continue to serve as ASM in NE and needs to recharter in NE council?

If he decides to have double recharters in GA and NE council, will both show up in My Applications on When it comes to rechartering for 2023, he would be listed on both rosters and we don’t want to complicate his recharter or either Troops recharter.

That is what I mean. Sorry for the confusion.

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