Scoutbook placed me in a different council

My Scoutbook account has placed me in GNYC which I am not registered in. This is the second time this has happened. I am only registered in NNJC and PPC and now have no access to any of my units. Can someone please help me get this issue resolved? Thank you!


My tools will not show me the displayed council for you in Scoutbook but I did notice some of your data had not synced over from Akela so I forced an update. Please log out then log in again and let us know if that changed the council that is displayed on your My Account page in Scoutbook.

No it’s is still listing my only registration as GNYC.

most likely a Recharter went through and messed you up. Under Manage Member ID - I think you have the wrong MID as Primary @DavidTarantino

No the first recharter isn’t due until the end of December and hasn’t gone in. I’m Key 3 for both units I’m registered for. Double checked my MID and it’s on the correct primary registration. The council that’s showing up is one that I’m not even registered in.

The council in Scoutbook has no effect on anything - what council number do you want to show?

Typically I have units showing on scoutbook for council numbers 333 and 358. As long as I have access for the units in 333 I’m good

Well the issue is really you need 2 scoutbook users not one - every recharter is going to mess you up like this. I merged the SB Users

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Thank you just checked and it’s back to normal!

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