Betty Bot not able to look up training

Hi Y’all,

Yesterday and today I have attempted to check training using the Betty Bot for two people not currently registered, but with BSA MID’s from previous registration. Last week I was able to see their training. This week I get this:

We were unable to find the training history at this moment. Please, try again later.

Thanks for looking into this,

what are the BSA #s?

MID 12490735

MID 140585001

The above are not a complete sentence.

@DougWright (I always @name to take up characters LOL) - first guess it does not return because neither has any training that is valid - it is all expired

It should give the training history, though, if that is the option that is selected.

It was working about a week ago.

The Betty Bot worked last week. It showed expired training for each person. This week it doesn’t work.

Best thing to do is tell council so they can send in a National MC Ticket

@DougWright This should be fixed.