Multiple ID Lookup?

Hello all! A large chunk of my my.scouting training has disappeared. All of my training is under my current ID, but I’m wondering if I may have had an old ID as a previous Pack as a parent/Popcorn Kernel that is messing everything up?

Is there a way to look up a BSA ID or is this an “ask your Council” question? We are fairly short-staffed, so I’m trying be as independent as possible. LOL


I do not see a hanging MID for you @JennyGoguen What training do you think is missing? have you looked under completions? and not under positions

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I see 141 completed training courses for you. This may include multiple times taking YPT but it is a large number of courses.

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I think I figured out what may have happened- I do have a lot of completed (thanks for the tip!) and I believe I squeezed in some of the training before a revamp and that’s why it shows 0% under the actual lesson plans (see pic) or missing 22% in my Cubmaster plan.

I took my Cubmaster training in July 2019 and my Troop training in December 2018

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