Youth Information Showing Up as Parent's Information

I have a parent who is trying to register her son via The scout was previously registered (though does not currently have an active registration). When she uses and puts in her son’s membership ID # 131652566 and she gets to the parent’s information page (Tell us About Yourself), it displays her son’s name and birthday in the Full Name and Date of Birth fields which are uneditable. The system gives an error that the birthdate must be before 03/16/2005. Since her son’s birthdate is after that date, she cannot get any further in the system. Our Council registrar does not appear to be able to resolve this problem. Any suggestions? Thanks.

@CarolynMiller she is signing in under her Scouts account not her’s - her login is BJ(lastname)18

Does a person ‘sign in’ when they are registering in

Yes, a parent has to sign in or create their own account first. She is signing in as a youth - so the system knows a youth cannot register themself

Thanks all. I have passed this information on to the parent.