Blank unit numbers for merit badges on Eagle Application

On Eagle Applications, the unit number is blank for some of the merit badges. Our District Rep is requiring that we fill in all of these on the application. We have had 3 Eagle Scouts with this problem and they have been with Troop1131 since moving to boyscouts. I have not been the records chair the entire time. Is there any reason a merit badge would have a blank unit number and any way for me to fill it in? The scouts BSA id is 128263389. The scoutbook advancement record is sorted so all the awarded merit badges with blank unit numbers are listed first.

Unit numbers are not required. If Scoutbook cannot determine what unit the Scout earned the MB, because the Scout was dual registered or there is no Scoutbook membership that covers the date of the MB, the field will be left blank.

The Scout can add the unit number when editing the PDF to add references, etc.


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