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Eagle Scout Rank Application (ESRA): Unit No. anomalies in Merit Badge section

The Eagle Scout Rank Application (ESRA) generated by Scoutbook for one of my Scouts does not fill all of the “Unit No.” fields for the merit badges. I haven’t been able to detect a pattern as to which ones do and do not have the field filled in. See the image for what we see. This particular Scout has been with only our troop and no others. I have experienced this anomaly with other Scouts, but just ignored the issue and did a copy-and-paste to add the missing information. But I thought I’d report it now to see if this is something I need to do to fix the data or if it is a bug.

Funny, for the one scout I checked, none are filled out. Just the dates.

if I recall sometimes that happens when the Scout was in 2 units at the time of approval - will send to developers

please post the URL of the failed report so I can send that to them as it speeds things up

If Scoutbook is not able to determine the unit the Scout was in when the MB was earned, the field will be blank. This typically happens if your unit was not using Scoutbook when the MB was earned. The dates without a unit number were all before every Scout was loaded into Scoutbook.

You have two choices here.

  1. Use Adobe Reader to manually complete the Unit number
  2. Go to the Scout’s Membership page in Scoutbook and change the start date for your troop to a date before 10/15/16 which is the earliest MB date.
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Thanks for the prompt and accurate diagnosis and proposed solutions. I took action #2 and can confirm that the ESRA now gets generated with the unit no. field filled in for all merit badges.

All of our Scouts were in Scoutbook on day one of being a Scout. Our unit used Scoutbook from day 1 as well. That is, all were earned while we were in Scoutbook. 2 were Webelos in Scoutbook, 1 wasn’t. None of them have had to merge accounts. I have the3 URLs below.




I had the same issue last night. But in reviewing the dates it is from before we started using scoutbook. The scout has always been with the same troop.


Does the membership period in Scoutbook cover the MBs or did someone delete old memberships?

No. I just confirmed, for example one Scout’s member started on 3/1/2019 in the troop (only troop membership, the other unit listed being the pack, which ended 3/1/2019). She earned communications on 4/21/20.

@Matt.Johnson Does “Date Joined Scouts BSA” have a date on Edit Profile page?


It is a bit more complicated than I thought, date wise, but based on the “rules” above we should be good.

Webelos Member ends 3/1/19
Scouts BSA Join 3/1/19
Edit Profile Page 3/4/19
Swimming 7/31/20

Again, unless it is something up with our unit or all our Scouts, it seems like a bug as the 3 Scouts I checked all had no unit number on any MB.


For the two Scout whom I backdated their membership in the troop so that the unit # was included in all of the merit badges on their ESRA, I noticed that their accounts no longer showed the icon to indicate that their advancement is synched with the BSA national database.

Here is what I did. I went in to their current membership in the unit and unchecked the box for “Position Approved” and saved. Then I went back and re-checked that same box and saved again. Now the synch icon is back.

I just checked. They all have the “circle A” icon. Jennifer Olinger is working it directly now.