Needs Approval Report Problem: Scouts BSA Rank Advancement

I look at the Needs Approval Report for my Girl troop:

1. Scout A.S. that Life Scout Requirements (1). I click on the link:

I go to her page and she is listed as a Life Scout:
I go to her advancement section and she is listed a a Life Scout:

I go into Life Scout Requirements and at the top I see:

Then scroll down and get:

I click on the Green check and it has a date that matches the date of her BOR, but it does NOT show who did the checking.
When BORs are completed I normally go into the individual scouts record, advancement section, and then the rank, click in the Percent Complete Box, in the drop down put in the date of the BOR, mark Approved/ Recorded then SAVE which makes the Percent Complete Box turn into a Blue Check with the word Earned.

I have a similar situation for two scouts in my boy troop for first class:
I look at the Individual Requirements page for First class, none of the requirements are marked except for the final one (13) about a BOR which is green. (I do NOT remember marking that one, and as described above I do NOT normally mark that box after a BOR)

To me this is a bug, once the Rank Earned box has the Blue Check it should NOT show up on the Needs Approval Report.

I am the COR and Advancement Coordinator for both Units, also the District Advancement Chair and COR for a Pack.
I have been using SB since Dec 2017 when our council (Sam Houston Area) started providing it.

If any on the SUAC need any of the IDs of the scouts involved I can provide

Thanks Mike

@MichaelMcGehearty - one thing comes to mind on both of these individuals are they listed when you are in the Message section? If they are then they are able to log in and add items for approval and it may we have been done via the scouting app, which is used by parents and scouts.

We do not use the message section of SB for either unit.

@MichaelMcGehearty - I understand that, but if you could go to that unit then message and see if the scout is listed. If they are listed, then they can log in and add dates on requirements and sub requirements. I gather from how this read that you only record overall completion. This apparently would have been the scout or parent adding an item. This is not a bug bug simply something that can be done.

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I go to each unit, go to Sent Message, and there are no youth members listed for either unit. So what you are discussing is probably NOT happening.
Thanks for the potential reason, but probably not for either unit.

I think that only rules out the scouts. I think parents who use the app (vs Scoutbook/IA on the web) also don’t show their name in a log entry for their scout.

For both of the boys (for 1st Class) it shows that I marked them as complete:
Which I did NOT do (The BOR was on 5/5/21), unless there is some sort of automatic processing that happens behind the scene when I mark the percent /Earned at the top of the Rank page that marks the BOR as Done down on the bottom of the Rank Page (if so then it should mark as Blue not Green).

While for the Girl (for Life) it does NOT show who marked it as completed (which may be a bug of a different type since we should have an audit trail of who does what). (The BOR was on 5/6/21)

I marked her as 100% on May 7th, 2021 (The BOR was on 5/6/21).

As far as I know none of the parents for either the boy troop or girl troop use SB. The SM for the Boy Troop does NOT use SB. I will check with the SM of the Girl Troop to see if she might have marked the girl with the Life BOR as Completed (but I don’t think so, she usually leaves it to me).

Hope this helps with troubleshooting.

Thanks Mike

BOR Reqs are tied to completions so they have the same date - so the system did that.

If you give the Girls MID we might be able to see

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Girl’s MID 134240565

Scout entered it herself - I think - need to ask DEV a ??? on it

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no I cannot tell with my system - hmmm

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So for the Needs Approval Report: Why should it “Need Approval” if the Earned Box at the top of the rank is a Blue Check?

(Please Ignore the red dot. Inadvertently added while copying)
Does it make sense that once the Earned Box is Leader Approved that some lower level box in the Rank (also maybe Eagle Palms) Page need to be approved.
Doesn’t the Blue Check at the top of the Rnak (Eagle Palm) mean that all items are done?
Thanks for the Consideration

it does - but databases are databases - maybe just approve and see if it clears it ???

I just marked as approved with the following result:
So it clears it. But since I don’t normally use the “Needs Approval Report” I have not noticed this type of behavior before.
edit: Note: Doing the approval does NOT affect the info in the Top Box for Earned.
Having to do supplemental approvals causes more work for the user so to me this is a bug/ or a needed enhancement so that if the Top box of the Rank (Eagle Palm maybe) Page is marked with a Blue check any lower level completions in that page are Ignored by the processing in the “Needs Approval Report” Generation.

@MichaelMcGehearty - do keep in mind that many units will also use the requirements approval as a tracker for scout progress. This nor a bug but rather a user preference. In our units the scouts are free to add in items they have completed.

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I agree that the requirements approval for a scout to track progress is good.
However, once the Rank is earned (as indicated by the Blue Check in the Earned box at the top of a rank) then what does it matter what the status is of all the sub and sub-sub boxes?
Doesn’t the approval of a Rank imply that all the sub and sub-sub requirements are done and should no longer need to be tracked?

@MichaelMcGehearty - that is a good point. Now what you are doing is using scoutbook like internet advancement as I gather how you are entering items. You do not use messages and I suspect not much else so perhaps it may be best to work strictly in Internet Advancement.

I think MBs changed to that recently - will have to play with it and check - part of the issue is it can get messy - if overall is approved by mistake but it approves all the reqs - what do you do ? if rank is unapproved all reqs are unapproved? maybe leave off report if rank is approved?

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I switched to SB (for the Boy troop) back before IA 2.0 and liked the interface much better than the old IA. I have looked at IA 2.0 and still like SB much better than IA 2.0. It just works for my two scout units.(It also just works for the Pack)
The Girl troop started in Feb 2019 and the SM & I agreed to use SB since I knew “how to”. The girl SM uses some more of the features in SB [like tracking individual youth rank requirements in SB (however the Youths actual Handbook is the official record until the rank is approved)], but NOT to the exclusion of just telling me that a scout is ready for a BOR, so NOT all the individual requirements for a rank are not necessarily marked off in SB before the BOR.

@MichaelMcGehearty - totally understand. I know the progress thing was a big deal when we moved to scoutbook when my son was a tiger cub. So long history there. So nothing showing on the audit report either for who or how it was marked. I do suspect perhaps a parent on the app but not really sure. I think on the audit report they come in as unknown.