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In Scoutbook, this is called the Scouts BSA History Report found under Reports on the Scout’s page.

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I also use the report posted by Adrienne, and for the same reason. In large units, having a report with signatures on it is a great way to make sure a Scout isn’t inadvertently forgotten at a CoH.

The report she posted contains information about the work the Scout has done just for the rank they are being reviewed for. It has the specific leadership position the Scout held for the rank. There is also a space for the members of the BoR to sign.
The Scouts BSA History report is a nice report, but is not particularly useful for the purposes Adrienne and I use the other report for. It has both too much information (past and future ranks), and not enough information (specific leadership).

So I guess the next question is. How do we get scoutbook to generate this report for us? Anyone know who I should contact?

Scoutbook will never generate the same reports as other tracking systems. Troopmaster is copyrighted. If Scoutbook were to copy their report it would be theft of Troopmaster’s intellectual property and subject the BSA to a lawsuit.

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Leadership information is on the Scouts BSA History Report in the Leadership section.

The report that Adrienne posted includes the Scout’s current leadership position, but it does not specify how long the position has been held, or if other qualifying PoRs have been held.

Scoutbook’s Individual Advancement Record (IAR) report is somewhat similar, although it lists all ranks - not just a single rank. You could use it for the same purpose by having BOR members sign, date, and initial.

As Ed said, there Scoutbook cannot copy the BOR report from the third party tracking system due to copyright issues.

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the word “May” is the same as you do or don’t. When you take the ScoutBook advancement form to the service center the report has already been inputted into ScoutNET. In Tidewater Council only one single is need on the Scoutbook form or the BSA internet advancement form. As the guy who inputs the hand written one I know the way the system is working.

I would love to see the ability to electronically sign of the three singers in a board of review. Since most times they are committed members ( or parents ( not sitting in on their own child) they have excess to scout book. This would not only cut out the paper work for the leader to get it to to the scout shop , many people this days call in their orders it would cut the paper work in the scout shop it self.

Like they have in Troopmaster!

Kim - the reports used in Troopmaster can not be used in scoutbook. Beyond that the extra forms are not required by Councils. The actual required for is the Advancement report. In many cases the signatures are not even examined.

Scoutbook does have a “report builder” that might work for what you’re looking for.

Hi, Craig,

One method to do this would be to use the Comments section for the BoR requirement. If each adult logs in under their respective accounts their comments will indicate who posted them. They could post an indication that the scout completed the BoR satisfactorily.

That said, the comments are public, so that would have to be kept in mind.

Good ideal, but really need it to be official show scout shop would reconize it as being a substitute

That’s interesting, Craig. Our scout shop only ever asks us for an advancement report, not any sort of report from the BoR.

Yep. As long as there’s a signature on the advancement report, our scout shop doesn’t even check to to WHO signed it…