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How do I get to the Advancement and Recognition Reports

Help. I’m trying to look at advancement of the girl in scoutbook. I did it when I had to print out the advancement report for our COR. But I can’t remember how I did it. I’m on scout book and went under dashboard. Is there a manual or training I can take. Brand new to this position.

Hi, Jayne,

I’m assuming that you have at least View Advancement privileges for the scout.

To create a printable report, go to:

My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Units -> Troop Roster -> Scout’s name -> Reports -> Scouts BSA history report

This generates a PDF of completed advancement status.

To view an online status, you can indeed branch to the path as follows:

Troop Roster -> Scout’s name -> Scout’s name Advancement

then click on the relevant rank to display the requirements and their completion/approval status.

ETA: I may have misread what you were asking for. Are you trying to generate a report of all advancement that needs purchasing for a Court of Honor?

That would be My Units -> Reports -> Needs Purchasing

You need to either add the items you want to purchase to a purchase order (red Create Purchase Order button at the bottom), then print the resulting PO, or print an existing one if you already created the PO.

ETA2: There is a Scoutbook Knowledge Base as well, that may help with your questions.

Jayne, I am not sure which report you are referring to, but there is a Scouts BSA History Report as @CharleyHamilton explained.

There is also an Individual Advancement Record (IAR) report. It is not currently accessible via Scout’s name -> Reports, but if you have the right permissions, you can access it via My Dashboard -> Reports or via Troop -> Troop Reports or via Patrol -> Patrol Reports.

Relocated conversation to Using Scoutbook.

How do I print the advancement report for ranks/Merit badges to turn in at my local Scout shop to purchase everything?

Brandon - if you have an open Purchase Order, click on it then scroll down to find the line that says advancement report. Click on that.


See the following video for help generating the advancement report.

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Thanks so much for posting this! It helps a lot! My only question is that when you print off the Report it asks for signatures for the Board of Reviews. Does it matter who you ask to sign, as long as they did a BOR for someone on your list, or do you have to get everyone who did a BOR to sign it?

That would be a question for your council. My council does not require any BOR signatures on the advancement report. Some councils require the actual BOR member for each Scout to sign the form, suggesting you print and have them sign blank reports.

Thanks for the info and the quick reply!

Is there a pre-generated Advancement Status report that is printable? We use TroopMaster and I think the only reason we continue to use it is the report functionality. If ScoutBook has that functionality, we can eliminate a yearly subscription cost.

Hi, @JohnBenedict, I’ll admit to not being familiar with Troopmaster, so I’m not sure what you mean in terms of the content of the pre-generated advancement status report.

Are you looking for a unit-wide report? By Patrols? Who is the target audience? SPL? Each PL?

Typically, what I’ve done is created a basic report using Report Builder for all of the “Trail to First Class” for each patrol that I provide to each of the patrol leaders on request. That way, they can pursue their scouts as they see fit about advancement, both to see what help they need and to make sure they get the encouragement to keep working. I have similar reports for the advanced ranks, one rank at a time. That said, our unit mostly uses Scoutbook for tracking global completed advancement, and only a few of the patrols are reliable about keeping their individual rank requirements up-to-date in the software.

Regarding advancement status (i.e. things that need approval, need purchasing, need awarding), there are a lot of built-in reports, but none of them are suitable for PDF formatting.

On reporting, I really recommend that folks look at the Scoutbook Help site to get a better idea of what is and isn’t available at this time.

@CharleyHamilton, thanks for the reply. I should have provided a point of reference. In TroopMaster I can go under Reports, then Advancement and pull an Advancement Report, sorted by Rank, with all the registered Scouts and what requirements they have by rank to complete the next rank. You can create a similar one in ScoutBook with the Report Builder, but it isn’t printer friendly and I don’t see a way to show what requirements are still needed for the next rank.

John - there is a button on report builder results that states printer friendly, have you clicked on that ?

@JohnBenedict Because TroopMaster reports are copyrighted, Scoutbook cannot copy them. This discussion would be best focussed in terms of what info or functionality we need, rather than comparing to what others do.

Could you be more specific about which report isn’t print-formatted?

Jacob, just using TM as a reference Point. When I print that report, it prints for troop on the front and back of a page, starting with Eagle on the Top down to Scout. Each Scout has their current date of rank and to the right are all the requirements needed to complete the next rank (by number and letter, not description).

When I print the ScoutBook report, it takes up two pages front to back, and does not include a breakdown of the requirements needed for the next rank. The report came from the Report Builder. It may be that I am not formatting the report request correctly, so any assistance is appreciated.

Hi, @JohnBenedict,

To get the individual rank requirements in Report Builder, you have to tick the box for the requirements under each rank that you report on:


This won’t only provide the ones that are incomplete, however, so you’ll get a laundry list of requirements for each scout.

ETA: It would look something like this (just for one patrol):

Note that, since I have scouts in the same patrol with different rank versions (e.g. some completed Scout prior to the 2016 version, some since then) I will get duplicate entries for each of the ranks. I don’t find this particularly helpful myself, but I understand why it’s there.

Thanks. That is what I did a few minutes ago and it makes the report extremely long when you print it. I like the functionality of ScoutBook overall (I used it as a Den Leader in Cub Scouts). The reports take up a lot of space/paper when printed.

Stephen, roger. When you pull up Printer Friendly it provides a report format similar to what is shown in the post below, more than what is needed for a simple Troop Advancement Status report at a Committee Meeting

Oh. then you might be better off if you used the csv version to trim it as needed. Now as far as advancement reporting to the committee, we just highlight who has earned what and that is about the extent of it.

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