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Both parent accounts lack email addresses; option to add is greyed out

Hi, we have a situation where both parents of a scout have access to my.scouting.org and also have scoutbook accounts. They do not have email addresses listed in scoutbook (but they do have in my.scouting.org). They cannot add email address in scoutbook – option is greyed out.

They can’t receive emails from scoutbook because they don’t have an address listed.

I assumed it was a SSO issue and asked each to reset their scoutbook pw. This fails as email is required to reset.

Compounding the issue is that they have entered lots of activity for their scout and are concerned that deleting the account and starting over will lose the hours of data entry.

Any suggestions?

Steve E.
Troop 266

Contact your council registrar. They can fix it in a minute.

Council should be able to fix BUT it will take 24-48 hours to update in SB

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