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Parent with no email

I have a scout/parent who just joined our pack. Unfortunately, the parent’s scoutbook account doesn’t appear to have any email address associated with it. When I (as pack admin) go in and attempt to edit her account profile, there is no email address field after the phone numbers. It does appear she has accepted the scoutbook invite and have previously logged into scoutbook.

I see her email was included on the online my.scouting.org registration, so I’m not sure why it didn’t carry over into Scoutbook.

The BSA member number is 13939539. The scoutbook userid number is 11980247. I tried reaching out to our council registrar 3 days ago, but they haven’t been able to help yet. Is there anyone else who can help?




This is fixed.

Perfect, thank you! Is there anything I could have done to prevented, avoided, or fixed the issue myself? Or was it some backend data issue that shouldn’t normally happen?



The user could have logged in, gone to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Email and set it themselves. This is only possible when a user has a my.scouitng.org ID and the BSA Member ID attached to that account is in Scoutbook.

I have a similar issue. When the scout was registered, the parent “Meg” was assigned a new BSA ID 13124581 with which she connected to Scoutbook. However, when she logged into Scoutbook she could not see her child along with her other children. She logged into her My.Scouting account, it said her BSA ID was 127796308 as “Margaret” and was inactive.This is the BSA ID connected to her other children’s records and to her training, as well, so it would be preferred as primary. I searched in Scoutbook for her as Margaret & she was located, but Scoutbook returned the message that her account had no email address. So she logged back into My.Scouting to see what email address was listed. Scoutbook would not let me exit the page without entering her Council and District. The same email that was used for BSA 13124581 was the one on her My.Scouting profile with 127796308, so she saved it just to be sure. When I went back into Scoutbook, it had added her “Margaret” connection with no email and no BSA ID. Now she has two Scoutbook parent connections to her child that show connected: Meg with her email address and Margaret without an email address. How do we resolve this? Since these are parent connections, there is no option to delete either profile.

@VivianNichol This should be fixed now. BSA member number 127796308 is the one she should be using.

She needs to log in with her my.scouting username (NicknameLastname) and password – not her e-mail address.

I have three new parents whose email address isn’t visible in Scoutbook. One registered earlier this year, but the other two are the last two families to register. They are the parent who registered their cub scout through my.scouting so they automatically show up in Scoutbook, but without an email. I have their email from the application, but it makes it hard for den leaders to communicate with them.

  1. BSA Member #: 13871848 // User ID:11905074

  2. BSA Member #: 13947241 // User ID:11989673

  3. BSA Member #: 13950123 // User ID:11991360

Has something changed with the system? Or is there some direction I should give to prevent this in the future?

Thank you in advance

@ToddP These e-mails should be fixed now.

SUAC team - we’re having the same issue with a newly joined scout’s parent. They registered the scout on-line, so their e-mail should have been connected, but it’s missing.
BSA # 128734577, User ID # 11991407

Thanks for your assistance.

@AlisonShearer this is fixed

Thank you very much for fixing this!

If the parents are receiving emails from scoutbook I presume the email address is there? I currently have a parent who appears in Scoutbook, claims to be receiving emails, but no email appears on her profile. Of course I don’t have knowledge of the back end details but it seems silly to have parents jumping through some hoops to do the fix.

bsa 13944023, user 11984053

@MatthewMcCormick I applied her email to the user

Thank you @DonovanMcNeil

I have 3 new parents/grandparents whose email address isn’t visible in Scoutbook.
BSA #137349564 / User ID 11963446
BSA #13993239 / User ID 12083545
BSA # - none / User ID 655786

Thanks for your help.

All three have email addresses. The first two have logged in in the last couple days and set up Google Login.

The third has not logged in since 2016.

Do you have concerns they are not receiving emails? If so, send them a test email, including yourself, with bcc turned off. When you receive the email, see who else it was sent to.

I think this one has a duplicate account issue.

Edited to add: This should be fixed now.

Hi Jen,

The first two are now showing the email addresses underneath their names (it’s weird because it didn’t this morning). The last one still isn’t showing though. Does this take a little bit of time to sync up?


Kim Novotny

@KimberlyNovotny When a parent is “pending”, you won’t be able to see their e-mail address. However, I have fixed this parent so she is no longer pending.

I am having a similar issue with email. I have 2 parents that have “changeyouremail@scoutbook.org” When they correct the email within their profile, it reverts back to this status.

parent 1 - BSA# 13770928/UserID 11767191

parent 2 - BSA ID 13773998/UserID 11770699

Thank you for any help or guidance

Lisa S