I cannot add or edit a parent email address

The other issue is the parent cannot access scoutbook due to outdated information.

I think this is more of a swirling mess of inattention and changing council’s more than anything.

I tried to edit the parent and add the email address, and it notified me the email address is attached to another account. The parent is no longer a registered adult, but his daughter is in my crew. I cannot send them emails through scoutbook (which is a bit frustrating).

What do we need to do to get them ‘connected’ to the crew in scoutbook please?

Thank you in advance :smile:

Please post the parent’s BSA member number or the Scoutbook userID (no names please). Both can be found on the Edit Profile page in Scoutbook.

PID: 137278287
User: 11836354

Are you trying to add airwin560@ ?


I sent you a private message as this adult appears to have multiple MIDs and the one you provided has been deleted.

Click on the green circle with white M in the upper right of your forum window.

Thank You for the assist

He had/has multiple inactive/locked out accounts. His correct email is [email removed by Moderator for privacy]

He is only a parent at this time, not a registered member.

His daughter is a member in Crew 497 South Florida Council, I am the advisor. He has called the council registrar and had no luck as he seems to be locked out of scoutbook. I figured this way, he can at least receive the crew emails. :man_shrugging:

I have a related problem but not the same. I have a new Lion parent who signed up on my.scouting.org. He has an active connection to his son. In his profile on scoutbook, I see his info normally including his own troop and BSA ID from when he was a young scout himself in a different state (MN). His son is listed on scoutbook and everything is fine on the connection.

However, he does not appear on the pack roster of “send message” on Scoutbook. He is not listed at all. When my commissioner looked into it on my.scouting.org, he seems to have no adult profile. There is nothing for her to pull up not even a blank form. He made it on to our recharter back in October and is listed on our pack roster there as an adult partner.

I don’t know if it is because the scoutbook is confused by his BSA ID from another state? We would like for him to be able to receive the messages we send via scoutbook.


@MariaAcosta-Snustead they had no email - I corrected it

Fantastic thank you!

I have a somewhat similar problem. We have a leader and parent who has the wrong email address listed in Scoutbook. She can’t log in to see anything and isn’t receiving emails from the troop because of it. When I tried to update her email to the right one, I get a message that states the email address is being used by another member. I have contacted my council registrar twice and both times she said the issue has been fixed, yet it hasn’t.


I sent you a private message. Click on the orange circle with white J in the upper right corner of your forum window.

I am having a similar issue with a parent. They are connected but I cannot add an email.

@BreanaSkiles If you post the BSA member number (no names, please) we can take a look.

Bsa member # 137161360
User ID 12061559

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@BreanaSkiles The e-mail was on the Scout’s Scoutbook account. I have removed it and added it to the parent’s Scoutbook account.

I also have a parent with the wrong email address listed in Scoutbook and can’t edit it because it “already exists under another account”. There should be another “0” (zero) before the @ in the email address.

BSA number is 137309905
user ID is 11888134

@ChristopherSelby This should be fixed. The parent’s Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

Huge thanks for what you all do here! The more Scoutbook obstacles overcome, the more engagement I can get from the scouting families. Thank you!!

I have a parent whose email was entered incorrectly (removed by Moderator). She tried correcting it to no avail. I went in to try. I thought I was deleting the email. Instead I deleted her first profile. What can we do to get her reconnected with a correct email? Her info is below.

BSA Member Number 13874123
User ID 11967673