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Email Not Syncing and Disappearing Youth

I have two issues I am encountering and I haven’t been able to get them fixed with our local council.

  1. A parent’s email is correct in my.scouting.org, but it’s not syncing down to Scoutbook. The email in Scoutbook is the changeme@scoutbook.com, but I don’t see a duplicate account. Is there a way to get the scoutbook account updated so she will start receiving email? She says she has tried to update the email but it is greyed out. The BSA ID is 137280519.

  2. I have two youth on my roster in my.scouting.org, but they are not in Scoutbook. They were in Scoutbook, but for some reason their records went away. They transferred in over the summer and the father said he was working to get their progress transferred, so I’m wondering if the other Pack ended the membership of the scouts in our pack too. The BSA IDs are 13844362 and 13847168.

Thank you!

For Item 1, when you search by their email when “adding” a parent, does no account come up? That’s my usual first step to sort these things out. Then, I start worrying about getting the accounts merged, since I can see what’s going on.

Also, did the parent create an account at my.scouting.org? If so, have them try logging in to Scoutbook with the same username/password they use at my.scouting.org. That might find them the “duplicate” account to which their email is assigned.

@EricFriese 1 is fixed
#2 - not sure what is going on - in SB they moved back to old Council/Pack - I ended that membership and setup a sync to get them back overnight hoperfully

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