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Boy and girl troops sharing calendar information

We have separate boy and girl Troops but we share a Committee and will probably be having mostly jointly scheduled Troop meetings and outings. Is there a way to share the information between both Troop calendars automatically? That way we would only have to enter it in one place but it would be seen on both calendars.

Hi, Chuck,

I believe that anyone who has editing access to both troops’ calendars could select both of the troop calendars in the drop-down when creating the event. That said, it means that only someone who has editing access to both calendars can edit that event going forward. For example, an adult leader who is a troop admin in only one of the units would be unable to edit the calendar.

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Charley is right - but the editing is just limited to the individual events.

Thanks Charley, I’m committee chair for both troops and have admin access. We will see what we can work out.

Chuck Awe