Brand New New Scout has old awards

We have a brand new Scout. Wolf.
SB 1123025
BSA 14450617

He has never been in scouting before. The address, scout account, connections, and Bear awards are correct. However, the awards previous to Bear year are associated with another scout (possibly of the same name?) I didn’t want to delete the records so it wouldn’t mess up the other scout. I am not sure how to proceed.
Kyla Gatlin

@KylaGatlin ask the Family - I think the Scout was a Tiger in New York

He is brand new to scouting, never lived anywhere other than here. I double checked with the family.

Unfortunately, one of our key 3 removed a different parent connection (I’ve no idea when - within the past few weeks) & added his current one, so I have no way to see who she removed to try to track down the other scout that earned those awards in New York or give you his BSA number.

@KylaGatlin OK I am going to restore the old MID and end the membership in your unit and end the parent connection. Go to your roster and Create a new Scout, then send the Scoutbook User ID to me and I will add the MID to the account.

@KylaGatlin I will leave the old account so you have DOB

ok thanks. I’ll do now. will this keep the other scout in the new york pack?

Well he is not registered this year but yes.

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OK tell me when you got the new one created

got it.
SB 12703491
Thanks for all of your help.

@KylaGatlin OK I think you are set now

now he’s showing a new member id - & the old adventures he didn’t do are still showing.
new BSA # :

no that is old one forgot to end membership - will fix it

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perfect! Thank you! I’ll backfill the rest. I appriciate it.

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