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Awards disappearing from Scoutbook

I have three scouts that had several of their “belt loops” and awards disappear from Scoutbook. They were there a week ago and now they are gone. Two of them had their entire “Bear” year disappear. How do I find out where it went?


Are they approved in your pack (green check mark in the pack entry on the membership page)? Are they assigned to the proper den in Scoutbook?

Did your Recharter just process?

Yes and Yes. It is weird. Everything showed up last week and then this week it is gone.

Yes. However, all three of them re-chartered. One thing they all have in common is they transferred to our pack in the past year.

the new transfer and this is something I have observed with others like this over the past 2 weeks. Send an email to Scoutbook.support@scouting.org with all the details. Post the SSD-#### here once received.

Here is the number I received from the support group. SSD-95585

Thanks. Do this go to Dashboard > My Account > My Connections - do you see any of those Scouts twice? if so go to Edit Profile and see if you see any differences in First Name, Last Name, DOB or BSA#

This is interesting. Two of the boys are listed twice. One of the profiles shows everything except what is missing. However, at the top of their profile it has Clara’s name. It doesn’t have anything else.

One of the boys does have different BSA#’s. However, nothing shows up in one of the accounts.

Clara’s name just shows there is no active membership usually

That seems to be true. The other accounts show everything else.

On a separate note, I noticed several scouts after re-charter are showing up twice. There seems to be no difference in the two accounts.

I would check their current memberships to see if the “duplicated” scouts have more than one active membership (e.g. one at the pack level and one at the den level). That will sometimes cause a scout to appear twice, even though it’s the same “account”.

You can also check the two accounts to see if they have the same ScoutUserID. Go to:

My Dashboard → My Units → Unit Roster → Scout’s name

Look in the URL for “ScoutUserID=####”. If that number matches in the “duplicate” accounts, you’re seeing two views on the same account (i.e. same database entry). If not, there are two database entries, even if you’re not immediately seeing a difference in the data.

The picture that you posted is what is typically displayed for a Scout who does not have a Current Membership with a unit. Try clicking on [Scout]'s Membership and see what you see there.

on double scouts also check your connections - you might have 2 connections to each scout - that makes them appear twice also.


I’m going to have to try a couple of these tips. Same thing happened right after Recharter two scouts completely fell off. Thanks for the tips

@MarkPeck Please have someone check the unit’s Member Manager roster at my.scouting.org to see if those Scouts are still on the official roster or if they somehow got dropped at recharter. If they got dropped, then you will need to contact your council Registrar to get them added back.

I will get with my Scoutmaster and we will look into this. Thank you

Mark Peck

We have had the same problem. After multiple calls to National, a fix that disappeared literally the next day, and an open ticket that once again, I had to contact someone about and told they are working on it…we gave up. No one seems to be able to fix it and we just recreated the Scout’s Scoutbook account and had to hand-enter everything. All his information from years of Cub Scouts it gone, but his Troop information is as correct as any of us can make it. Hope you have better luck than we have had Mike!

You should be able to work with your council Registrar to get your Mike’s Cub Scout record fixed. If nothing else, I would get his Cub Scout ranks added to his record.