Scout reset when moving councils

We moved from North Florida Council to Greater Tampa Bay Area Council in 2018 and my son’s history followed him. We moved back to North Florida in 2021, and Council created a new Scoutbook profile for him, and deleted most of his advancement/awards while giving him. Fairly random new completions. Is there any way to fix this?

Post BSA numbers and we can see

137561803 and 136036211?

Yes, those are correct. The one ending in *6211 is his original account that is now blank and that I’d like to get his information back on. (I’m a pack admin for both packs so I can do whatever is needed on these ends.)

I have merged the Scoutbook accounts.

You will need to re-enter the following award requirements as the current merge procedure does not merge individual requirements. These are the requirements that were lost:

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