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Breadcrumb for Den must include Rank

I’d almost classify this as a bug. While viewing a Den the Breadcrumb shows Rank along with Den 1 (i.e. Wolf Den 1). Further drilling into something like Connections Manager the Breadcrumb drops the Rank and only shows “Den 1”. Since there are multiple Den 1’s across different ranks it’s should be a requirement to always show Rank with Den number. This happens with Connections Manager and other options nested under the Den such as Den Reports.

Does clicking on it take you to the wrong den?

The Den tail and the back arrow on the scoutbook bar should bring you one page back but should not land you in the wrong den.

Clicking takes you back to the correct Den. That’s what I have to do when I get distracted from the computer and need to refresh my memory on which Rank I was working in.

The issue or feature has to do with the display name. Rank names are unique. Den numbers/names are NOT unique across a Pack. They cannot be used to identify a specific Den. A title showing Pack ### -> Den 1 does not effectively tell the user which Den. The Den Name should be a combination of the Rank name and Den # such as “Wolf Den 2”.

Honestly, I’ve never been in a pack where the den number was non-unique (either as a scout or as an adult). At the risk of derailing the conversation, why are the den numbers non-unique? Does it convey some sort of advantage?

ETA: I’ve encountered packs where there are multiple rank-level dens (e.g. two Wolf or two Bear dens), although our pack hadn’t had that (besides Webelos) in several years by the time I was there.

This seems to be pretty isolated to your pack - even in my pack with 17 dens they are all uniquely numbered or Webelos are named.

Fair enough but I’m not sure it’s unique to my Pack. I was told within each rank number the Dens 1 to n. Now I did some googling and apparently there is no standard. Honestly its a small pack so we only have one den per rank. We just keep them all as Den 1.

We generally numbered our dens by age groups. For example, the scouts who started together with my son as Tigers were all Den 10. We kept the Den 10 identity as we moved through the successive ranks, and “retired” the number when they bridged. The Tigers who started behind us were (IIRC) Den 2. We generally had at least one more den number than we had dens, so that the den could remain retired for at least a year before coming back into circulation. That way, the scouts’ den number strips remained the same throughout their time in the pack, and they migrated “upward” as a group, maintaining that unique identity. It also meant that the den flags could be reused year after year, and any den awards would accumulate for successive standard-bearers.

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I would also add that if a den leader is entering items for their den, at least for our pack, they ONLY see their den and not the others. The unit admins will see all dens.

Thinking about it more, having a unique Den # won’t help. What a user should EASILY be able to identify is what Rank they’re working with in Scoutbook. Why not display the Rank? There is plenty of real estate on the page to include it. It’s included on the Den page. Let’s work on making Scoutbook more initiative for users that have less Scouting experience and are less tech savvy.

I would ask if you have multiple dens of the same rank… say like 2 lion dens, three tiger, two wolf. That would need to be considered as well.

I certainly don’t have an objection to including the rank, although generally I would also think that including the den number/name would be necessary, as in the cases that @Stephen_Hornak noted of multiple dens at any given age/grade level.

That may be true on a PC, but not so much on mobile.

We’ve started using a randomly generated UUID for each Den. No problems with confusing them, but it’s really tough to get “Den 123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426655440000” patches for the uniforms…


@SteveCagigas - perhaps ClassB could work something out for you on the UUID

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QR code den/patrol patches…
Where is the mad scientist smiley when you need it?


Mobile is horrible on the breadcrumb. I only see “D…” with no number. Adding rank would have no pos or neg impact on mobile. Unless you turn to landscape in which case there is plenty of space.

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