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Include dens in Report Builder

The current builder has no option to group Scouts by den. This is the primary way that we group Scouts in the pack, it’s even how they are grouped in Scoutbook itself. It’s not consistent that we can’t group by den. FYI the current option of rank doesn’t work as all current Scouts in the Bear den are actually ranked as Wolves as that’s the rank achieved. Not to mention many Scouts that are new and haven’t hit any rank yet or only Bobcat. TIA



I have passed this on to the developers.


What type of report are you trying to build in report builder that groups scouts by den? Most awards, and certainly their requirements, are specific to rank. So, I can’t think of many uses for a multi-den report… unless you have multiple dens are each rank.

What I’m actually getting it is whether you might be trying to pull your roster, which would be better done in report builder. (Many people have missed that distinction.)

Yep, I was thinking the same thing as well. I was trying to build a report to group scouts by Den for a list for our Pinewood derby. This proved less than easy. When it did export by Den, it included the den number, but not the proceeding designation (Tiger Den 1, Wolf Den 1, Bear Den 1, etc… like it does in the SB interface, it would just say “Den 1” in the den field - so which Den 1 is it???). Current rank wasn’t of much help due to the different levels and rates of advancement. Hope that makes sense to put into the development queue to correct/address.

Why do all of your dens have the same number? Every pack that I am familiar with around here uses a different number for every den in the pack to make it easier to keep track of them. Many tools do not include a rank in front of the den number when showing the dens.

That’s how the previous leaders has set it up (I’m new to the Pack). The only thing it is used for is ScoutBook, despite us being a 50+ Scout Pack. I’d like to change it, but the numbering change may not happen soon. I’m sure we are not the only ones in this boat.

@ZacharyMcCarty You can get exactly what you want using ROSTER BUILDER.

Yes, that’s what I used. The trouble, it doesn’t return “Tiger Den 1” in the Den field like ScoutBook (as the name in ScoutBook), but only “Den 1”. In our set-up, the originators titled dens Tiger Den 1, Tiger Den 2, Wolf Den 1, Wolf Den 2, Bear Den 1, etc… Yes, easy fix is re-numbering Dens. But I’m new to the Pack and not trying to step on toes (and I have to think we aren’t the only Pack in this situation - I’ve seen it in other Packs in our area).

See the image I posted above. It has Tiger 9, Wolf 8, etc… Are you not getting the same thing?

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@jacobfetzer sorry for the delayed reply. Today was our Blue and Gold and this was the first time I had to test it. Looks like it has been fixed as you indicated. Must have missed that in one of the change logs. When I was running this same report from roster builder at the end of January, the Tiger, Bear, etc… was omitted. Thanks for pointing this out to me. I was going off that run and not the current update. Kudos to the developers for already fixing!

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No worries. My B&G was today too!


Any Family Scouting pack will have multiple dens of the same rank since boys and girls have to be in separate dens.

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Any pack larger than around 40 will as well. Dens of 15 Cubs don’t work very well.

That’s true, but my main point was in clarify what the OP was trying to do. Many people seem to overlook the Roster Builder.

Regardless, it will probably be added some day.

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