BROKEN: Merit Badge Counselor App for non-registered adult

I’ve run into an issue trying to register Merit Badge Counselors online at the District level, who are not otherwise registered with a unit. When the new MBC gets to the point of going to the shopping cart, they get an error and cannot proceed. I have no issues with the “Multiple” feature if the candidate is already a registered leader with a unit.

I verified this myself - I’m registered with the District as District Chair and at the Unit level as ASM, and I had no issues multiple-ing as an MBC. However, when I created a NEW account as part of the MBC flow, the account was created, but I could not get to the shopping cart to check out. With that NEW account, I COULD however register at the Troop level.

I know the $25 MBC registration fee is new, so I’m assuming something has been incorrectly set up on My.Scouting for that particular fee. Has anybody else had issues with this?

For anyone wanting to help troubleshoot here are some resources:

Thanks for any help any of you can give!

  • Heidi

Please ask your council Registrar to submit a support ticket for this. Unfortunately we cannot fix it here.


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