BSA Accounts Disappearing

Somehow I’ve managed to lose two accounts that we are trying to add to our troop.

The scouter’s original BSA ID is 135472176.
I know he has a duplicate in there somewhere because the old SM made him a new account instead of requesting the transfer. I have since removed that account as a connection for the troop on Scoutbook.
However, before removing the old account, I was able to search for the scout and locate his original account on Scoutbook. When I went back to add the original account as a connection and work toward getting him into our Troop, he no longer shows up in the search.

Also, partially related:
His father, BSA ID: 130816039
was also showing up in Scoutbook. He was connected to the incorrect scout account, but now I can’t even search for the adult and see him in order to connect him as a leader to other scouts already in our troop and/or add him as an adult leader to our troop.

I feel comfortable with technology and computers and can usually find the answers on my own, but I keep walking in circles with this issue.

@CRYST_LHARRIS It looks like the Scouts registration ended 10/31/21 - have a Key 3 check the roster

Will a Key 3 delegate be able to fix the issue?
I am listed in scoutbook as a key 3 delegate, but am apparently looking for information in the wrong spots.
Thank you!

I think scout was left off your Nov recharter

Key 3D can see it at - click menu - go down to your unit - you should see roster there

Thank you,
I was able to see the roster and do not see that scout on there. If he was left off the Nov recharter, what is the appropriate way to mitigate this situation and get him on the troop? Would I reach out to council at that point?

calling council is first step

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