Scoutbook account gone

I am a Scoutmaster and a Scout new to our troop seems to have disappeared from Scoutbook. He has a BSA ID but when I go to Dashboard > My Account > my connections and enter his last name and BSA ID it doesn’t find anyone. He used to have previous rank, merit badges, and other information from time in another Troop. Is all that information gone? If so, how do I rebuild it?

If someone replies will my email notify me?

For the SUAC folks to investigate, you’ll need to provide the scout’s BSA ID (no names, please!).

In theory, unless someone deleted or incorrectly merged the other account, the data should still be there. Being disconnected doesn’t automatically mean an account/database record is deleted.

You should automatically receive an email notification from discourse if someone responds to you.

@DavidFisher4 Please post the Scout’s BSA member ID number, and we can take a look.

(No names, please.)

Thanks Charley, I did get an email notification from your response.

The Scout’s BSA number is: 136797474


That Scout’s registration expired 12/31/2022 (Central Florida Council). He is not currently registered.

Thank you, we can do something about that. When we renew his registration, will his Scoutbook come back with previous information?

@DavidFisher4 Yes, it should.

His previous registration had his full name (first, middle, and last), so make sure that his new application also has his full name.

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Great, thanks Jennifer!

And if you include the “existing” BSA ID on the application, that should help as well.


Yes, it would be good to include the Scout’s previous BSA member ID number on the application.


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