Registered scout disappeared from

My son- AR- is a youth member in a Troop.

BSA Member ID: 133243080
Scoutbook ID: 3026765

I paid his registration fee in-person at the Council for the upcoming year (til 2024). He is not showing up in or on Scoutbook. I contacted the registrar and she could see on her end that he is a registered member in the correct Troop (315). She didn’t know why he is not showing up on my end.

My son has his own Scoutbook account, and his advancements, etc don’t show up there anymore, either. This happened on Mar. 1, so I assume it’s related to recharter, but I don’t know why the registrar sees that he’s registered to a Troop, but on our end it looks like he’s not an active member. Can anyone look into this and tell me what the problem is? Thank you!

Best guess is you switched troops and were not on their recharter - talk to unit and council

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Thanks for the update. The registrar hopes he’ll show up soon but no one is sure why the problem is occuring.

Just have a follow-up question if you don’t mind. It does look like he’s not currently registered. If I hit “Apply now” on his unit’s listing on BeAScout and put in his BSA Member ID, would that allow his Troop to accept him back in, without creating a duplicate account? Thanks!

@Cathy not exactly sure what you are talking about - can you post a screenshot?

It’s the part that is circled in red. You can “Apply Now” and it allows you to input your member ID. I had previously transferred my son using “My application” on But since he’s no longer registered he doesn’t show up on the page that lets you transfer. I’m leary of accidentally creating a dupe account, but that feature does allow you to put in a BSA member ID for current/former youth members.

OK that is beascout. That might work - you will pay Full price and maybe new scout fee - not sure

Ok, I may see if there’s a better way. Thanks for your taking the time to troubleshoot. Your screenshot helped identify the problem, I couldn’t see on my end what was going on. Appreciate it!

If you already paid the registration fee at council for this year, I think I would just talk to them.

If you go through beascout, you will be paying a second time.