Scouts account wiped clean in scoutbook

I logged in to scoutbook and the id showing for my son is BSA 14815140 and it has his picture and days of membership with nothing else (no merit badges, rank, activities, etc…) we recently moved councils so when I contacted my previous Troop they said that it appears he was assigned a new BSA number. His original BSA number is 130509592. I tried connecting to that one and it shows in the wrong council and also with no information - all his merit badges, ranks, activities, etc… have been wiped out. How do I get his information restored and get him in the correct council etc.? This has me quite panicked due to all the information that is gone. It was there as recent as two weeks ago because I attempted to add a MB counselor at that time.

@RachelleLamberson looks like the new troop has not completed recharter so all the memberships ended after the 30 day recharter. Talk to units Key 3 or Unit Leader. I will merge the 2 Scoutbook users. You do not see advancements because it is based on active memberships.

Thank you - is there something I can do? I don’t want him to lose all his data.

Data is safe - you can go to his profile and run History Report to see it

Thanks so much! I will reach out to key 3 :slight_smile:

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