Bsa history report

Council Admin here. I need to run a Scout’s history. I am using Chrome, yes, cleared my cache.
I go to:My dashboard, my administration, scroll down to Reports, pick Scouts BSA History Report, enter MID and Name, and hit Run. Looks like it tries to draw a Scoutbook Screen, but I get a white screen that has this message: The information is unavailable. Try again or report this tot he forums (81.5).
Yes, I tried 3 times, and here I am!

I am looking for his badges. Over in Akela, when I do a print person history, no badges, no ranks show. Yes, I reported that too.
Any help, as always, gratefully appreciated.
Marian McQuaid, Spirit of Adventure Council

Last name I am looking for is (name removed), MID is 135358954


I believe you currently need to be a unit admin in any unit to run a BSA History Report using MID and Name.

@MarianMcQuaid are you trying to validate something for the new council?

@MarianMcQuaid The Scout’s Scoutbook accounts were merged in November. MID 135358954 no longer exists in Scoutbook. It has been replaced by 131765372 in new council.

Hi @MarianMcQuaidm, what is your council registered position and role? Is a role set for you on ?


@MarianMcQuaid if we changed the MID - couldn’t the scout turn in the application even if re-charter is not done? Having an current membership at EBOR is not a requirement.

Scout has a current registration, but in a different council.

@MarianMcQuaid can you try the report with the MID that Jen posted? I want to verify if this is a rights issue, or if it is only working for the proper MID connected to the Scoutbook account.

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