Advancement & BSA History Report (Bug or New request)

Good Morning All,
Could someone please look into the following as a potential bug and a new feature request.

First, it took me 2 days to figure out that BSA History reports (for multiple scouts) could be requested under the Dashboard > Reports Menu > Individual Record. Request a new feature that ability to run BSA History Report for multiple selectable scouts be placed on its own in the reports menu.

Second. If user goes down to any level within a unit and selects the similar “Individual Advancement Report”, the accompanying text says to select which type of report is requested. However, none of these reports functions actually include the radio button option to select BSA History Report – Is this a feature assistant bug?
Troop > Troop Reports > Individual Advancement Report
Troop > Patrol > Patrol Reports > Individual Advancement Report

Thank You for all of your volunteer efforts! The feature assistance is an awesome expansion to Scoutbook.
VR, Charles Collings, UnitAdvChair

Found same/similar request for this feature from 2 years ago.

Note, that Scout BSA History Reports appear to only be accessible by navigating to page for each separate Scout and using that page’s “Reports” menu.

At the Dashboard level, the advancement report utility offers a selection radio button for BSA report, but this only prints the exact same Individual advancement report.

Is there no other means to run / request BSA History reports for multiple Scouts @ Patrol-level, or @ Troop-level?

Thank You, Charles

The CS History report is available for an entire den on the den page under den reports.

Understand. That feature was incorporated per the 2019 message request. However, I’m looking for way to access the BSA History Report for Scouts BSA without having to visit each Scouts page.

Use Case: To export multiple Scout records for review or to share with Scout for cross-check (most of ours don’t access Scoutbook directly)
Use Case: To review all previously held leadership positions across multiple Scouts. Rationale: I’ve already used the Roster report tools to custom print a list of active leadership in the Troop. I also can see how to print leadership histories, except with the BSA History Report. Every 6 months, our Scouts elect new leadership. Our intent is to provide new leadership patches only to those taking a new position they’ve never held. Reduces troop cost, yet still leaves each Scout with a patch for each position they’ve held.

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