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Scouts BSA History report missing BSA ID option?

I saw this morning’s Bug Fixes post in May 20, 2020 Scoutbook Updates - History Reports, and naturally wanted to go play with it to see what the report would show if I tried an adult’s BSA ID (in this case mine), since it claimed it could reflect info about people who had never had a Scoutbook record.

I’m not seeing the interface to enter the BSA ID#.

I started from:

My Dashboard -> Reports Menu -> Scouts BSA History Report

and saw this:

I see the same thing whether I have the Feature Assistant Extension running or not, with or without refreshing cache.

Am I missing where the BSA ID search interface should be?

@CharleyHamilton - here is what I see from the dashboard:


Well that’s disconcerting. I guess I’ll try re-approving my Unit Admin position and see if that changes what I see.

ETA: Rats. That didn’t work. I guess I’ll try a different platform/browser and see what happens.

@CharleyHamilton - i should really put the disclaimer up that this is prior to entry into the unit/family list page.

S’okay, @Stephen_Hornak. It’s not even showing up for me when I try from my phone. It seems like it’s a “my account” problem of some sort…

try a SHIFT + Refresh

Nope. Still the same. :^(

ETA: For grins, I also went in and “re-accepted” all of my unit positions in Scoutbook. I also verified I’m still showing as a Key 3 Delegate at my.scouting. My BSA ID matches at Scoutbook and my.scouting.

I feel like there’s something obvious I’m missing…


It looks like the report is restricted to Key 3 plus the Committee Secretary in Scoutbook.

That would explain why I can’t see it. :^)

It seems like at least K3D should also have access, since this would reasonably be something that the Key 3 would want to delegate. Generally, it seems like something that any “leader” would find value in being able to access, be it a den leader, ASM or similar.

We are discussing making the report more widely available but I don’t know when we might be able to make that happen.

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I’ll add a vote for that. At least expand to the admin.

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Hi, @edavignon,

I asked someone who has the Committee Secretary role assigned in Scoutbook for our unit to check whether or not they can see the “last two” reports in the graphic posted by @Stephen_Hornak above. They tell me that they can’t see either of them.

Is there any chance it’s restricted to only the unit Key 3? I’m trying to sort out whether our unit is having an issue, or if the expected behavior just isn’t consistent with the implemented behavior. I put out a request to one of our Key 3 to see if they can see the reports, but haven’t heard back yet. If they can’t see them either, however, that suggests it might be something beyond me just not being one of the Key 3/Committee Secretary, and might be some sort of issue impacting our unit.

That’s how I remember it being spec’d.

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OK. That would explain why our committee secretary couldn’t see them, either. Thanks, everyone for your help. I realize this is kinda low-priority given all of the fur currently flying, but this really helped clarify what the expected behavior of this feature (currently) is.

The spec table I have says Committee Secretary should have access. I’ll bring this up with the developers.

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I can confirm that as a Key 3 I can access the report. I entered my own BSA ID number and got back a report with no data on advancement (correct - I never advanced as a scout!) On the final page it includes my leadership positions back to 2009 based on what I listed in Scoutbook, as well as my OA ordeal date, activity totals, and training courses completed.

Cool. Thanks, @KennethAdams. I’m glad to hear that end of things works. Hopefully, as with other items in the IA2 sphere, access can be expanded so that the folks who need it/are delegated the responsibility can execute the tasks.

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The access issue has been fixed. Committee Secretaries and Unit Admins now have access to the History Reports.

Er…I’m still not seeing the report option… :pleading_face:


Are you a unit admin in Scoutbook? This report is not looking at my.scouting.org or Akela to determine if a user is a K3 or K3D.