BSA ID missing for Scout

Good afternoon - A Scout is having trouble logging into his Scoutbook account. We noticed his BSA ID # is missing. Can you provide instructions how to fix this please?
thank you!


Post the User ID (you can find it in Scoutbook under Edit Profile) for the Scout and we will investigate. We do not need the Scout’s name.

BSA ID 132666902

thank you!

User ID 7839964
thank you

This is a case where the Scout’s mother tried to create a ID for herself but selected her son’s BSA Member ID, thus putting his member ID on her account.

I can’t fix this now but should be able to later tonight if another SUAC member does not get to it.

@TaiChang I think this is all cleaned up - the mothers user name is Leahclay

Great so what do I tell them to do now please?

she can login using the username or use forgot password

User her name or the son’s name?

Her name. Everyone logs in as themself.

Thank you for your help Ed, Donovan and Jacob! have a good day

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