Parent can't log into Scoutbook

Hello! Have a parent who is unable to log in to Scoutbook, though I can see his account/profile. Says it gives him an error that the account is not set up.

Any help would be appreciated.

Member ID#: 14103463
UserID#: 12300020

Thank you,

John Snead

@JohnSnead I sent you a private message.

I have a parent who can log into Scoutbook, but when she does she does not see her son. On his account, it shows her as a connection with the correct email address.
Scout’s Member ID is 134730341


I’m looking into this


This is fixed. The parent had 3 Scoutbook IDs and 2 IDs. I have merged the IDs so she will have a single one of each. She needs to log in with her ID that is her first name followed by the number 4149.

I have two parents of two different Scouts who cannot log into Scoutbook. Please help - thanks much SUAC friends!

Parent 1:
BSA Member #: 14113365, UserID 12318854
For reference, the connected Scout is:
BSA Member #: 14113364, UserID 12318801

Parent 2:
BSA Member #: 14142101, UserID 12347328
For reference, the connected Scout is:
BSA Member #: 14142102, UserID 12347329

@GregoryStevenson I think we (SUAC) are going to have to escalate these, because both parents are missing a council number on their my.scouting accounts.

Thanks, it’s much appreciated! Please let me know if you need more info!

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