Parent cant access SB

HI i have a parent that shows as linked to her son with the correct email address . she cannot login and gets a message saying an account does not exist with her email account.

i tried adding her but it says an account already exists with that email address

when i go to her profile it shows a BSA ID# but no MemberID #.

it shows she last accessed her account 2 months ago

anyone know how to fix?

What do you mean by this? What is the bsa member number?

sorry i said that backwards there is no BSA Member ID #:
her UserID # is 11490499

@NickShebert user has a user name of Gizelly2021 - that should now work

HI thank you, i will pass that on to the parent . thanks for the help

Hello Donovan,
I have a similar problem, parent doesn’t remember user name and when he tries to recover, somehow birthdate is wrong. His UserID is 242621. Thanks.

@ByronSah user name is
orphans32003@ email

Thanks. Guess he never transitioned from an email user name to something else. Will will make him do that when he resets the password?

I believe it will @ByronSah

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