BSA Numbers not matching again

Alright Matt Jennifer and Donovan. I know you’re watching, you helped me out before and I think I need help again. I have 2 people that have a different bsa number on scoutbook than on and even being the committee chairman I can’t change it. I also tried to find a spot where I could send you a message directly but no luck. Thanks in advance.

BSA # 140868886 Scoutbook BSA # 12595699
BSA # 136021257 Scoutbook BSA # 12589846

@DavidPiermattei lets not post names - we can look at it -

@DavidPiermattei this is fixed

thank you, in the future is it going to be possible for key 3 to make these changes?

No - I do not see that as a possibility. It is a matter of Councils looking for names before they make a new member and some councils are just too lazy.

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and in this instance it seems you rechartered the wrong user as a unit??? not sure

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the first person I believe may have been registered as a lion den parent but never filled out an application, now he’s part of the committee which our rep said he needed an app? maybe that’s why it was confusing but the 2nd has always been a committee member

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