New Leader has Wrong BSA Number in Scoutbook

I am the CC for our Pack and we added a new den leader right before we rechartered. After the recharter, I noticed that Scoutbook says the new leader is not on our my.scouting roster. Checked my.scouting and she is there, however her BSA # is different. The number is off by one digit in Scoutbook. I cannot edit the number on either website. Who do I reach out to to fix this: Scoutbook or our local council?

Post the BSA #s and it can be looked at here - or you council can handle it (probably) with the VST tool

Thank you so much. My.scouting has 14688678. Scoutbook has 14688676.

@AdrienneWeissman ok that should all be fixed

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@DonovanMcNeil Thank you so much for your help!

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