BSA Recognition report not working

The BSA recognition Report, under Troop reports, is not showing anyone advancing.
I am trying to run a report from October 25, 2023 to today. I have checked to show even if already awarded.
I get this as the report: ref: PD-20240222165224-267832-331914
I know there are some since 2 advanced on this past Tuesday.


We are also having an issue with this report with a similar timeframe. The BSA Recognition report shows 663 recognitions that need to be awarded. However, it includes adult Eagle Scout ranks from the 1990’s, Scouts that have already earned Eagle needing their Scout to First Class ranks awarded, some awards that were awarded at the prior court of honor, and more. You can access other reports like the custom BSA report and you can see a badge or rank was awarded but this is extremely problematic for our volunteers.

My CC is on there for his Eagle Rank. In 1978. And my SM for his Eagle rank 1993. And my 24 year old for his scout rank in 2011. ref: PD-20240229075306-447110-331836

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Here is my reference: ref: PD-20240229115524-832338-119425

It has been fixed for what i was looking for.
But yes, it is showking unawarded things from the 1990s and several years ago if i click “Unawarded no matter the date.”

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