IA Troop Recognition report

When I run a Troop Recognition report in IA. It shows information for an adult and scouts that have been awarded items outside the time frame. There are many scouts that have earned items within the time frame that are not showing up.
ref: PD-20240228104648-326427-595527

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I ran into the same thing today. You’ll see the report has a “%” next to all the older things. There must be two awarded flags somewhere. The query to build the list is using one and the report is using the other. Right now, that option for that report is useless. I’m pretty sure that my CC’s Eagle Rank from 1978 has been awarded – only he shows up on this report when I select “Not Awarded Regardless of Date”.

I like to choose the Include awarded within the date. and Included not Awarded. We have Scouts that have earned rank and it is has been awarded at the time of the BOR. We mention their rank advancement at the COH. We recently added Scouts from the pack and I wanted to see if there was anything that they still needed to be awarded.

All posting here. There have been logic issues identified with the Unit Recognition Report at this time. Developers are working to fix the logic that governs this report. We aren’t sure how long it will take to fix as it seems to be several points needing adjustment. Please watch the change logs for an announcement when this is fixed.

@ZacharyMcCarty thanks!