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BSA YPT site errors

n the BSA having problems with the YPT site?
I ’ve spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday attempting to log into My.Scouting to update my YPT. There are various error messages and failures.
I’ve used 2 different laptops, Google Chrome and Avast browsers, same set of problems. I’ve cleared history and rebooted both machines.
From my.Scouting I’ve had “Loading Scripts” message the never connects or I see the login page, enter my credentials then get the “Loading Scripts” message.

Also from My.Scouting, login page, enter my password etc. returns a brief redirecting screen followed by System failure (error code: -5) and of course, National has no interest in helping volunteers
As a test, I’ve logged in successfully with a friends information, could there be a userid issue?
PS, I find the chatbot completely useless and frustrating

When you go to my.scouting.org to log in, try reloading the page (hard refresh by clicking CTRL + reload).

If that doesn’t work, you might also want to try using a private / incognito window.

Jennifer, thank you for the suggestion- neither option worked.
I’m thinking there may be a problem with the userid.

David -

User Support has been moved to your local Council. Check with them and they can contact National if there is an issue with the userid.

There have been issues with YPT not recording correctly, supposedly corrected recently.
Other thread here: YPT Not recording completions

@DavidOneil Hi David, I will send you a private message for more information.