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Hi there,
My daughter 's BSAID is shown as 14167168 under my account in the scout book and her rank is scout. However, when she tried to login to her account, and the BSAID is shown as 12562515 and the current rank is none. Nothing there. We don’t know why this ID is there since the BSAID shown to the troop leaders and my account are all 14167168. So my daughter tried to search account using this ID, the system just showed that can’t find this ID. Please help us to fix this problem.
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She has an extra Scoutbook account attached to her login. Notice that, in the screenshot from your view, there’s a BSA ID under the Scoutbook User ID, but there is no BSA ID under the Scoutbook User ID in the screenshot from her login. Also notice that the Scoutbook User ID in your view doesn’t match with the Scoutbook User ID in hers. Finally, notice that no parent is connected to the Scoutbook User ID in her view, whereas you’re shown as connected in your view.

Did she create a new login from the Scoutbook page, or did you invite her to connect to her account using the button under Edit Extended Information?

Hi Charlie,
She only has one email registered under her account and did not know why there are two scoutbook account for her. So what we can do to remove one ID and use the ID shown on my account.
Thank you for your prompt reply!

I’m not sure it’s something you can do on your end, since her login is tied to the erroneous Scoutbook account. The Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC) volunteers may be able to remove the “extra” Scoutbook account so you can get her connected to the correct account.

@FEILIU this is fixed

Good Morning, Folks!

A Scout parent went in Scoutbook to invite Scout last night. Looks to me like they also tried to do some profile editing and things got messed up. Both were showing with same email address and BSA ID. I attempted to correct the email address for the parent this AM.

Parent and Scout still with same BSA ID number, and Scout is now not syncing in our roster.

BSA ID 135883599

Would you be able to correct this?

@ScouterRob that should be fixed now

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Thanks, @DonovanMcNeil !

Thank you for the big help!!

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