Duplicate ID's

Hello! I have a den parent with two my.scouting ID’s. He also said he cannot log into Scoutbook and cannot reset his password. One ID allows him to sign into my.scouting but he thinks the account is not linked to Scoutbook. The other ID he believes was assigned to him when he joined the Pack. What can I do to assist him with this issue? Thank you!

Please prove their member number (no names)


This is from the parent:
14579121 is the account I can sign into but don’t believe it is linked to Scoutbook.
14514938 is the account that I believe was assigned to me by local council when we joined.

Thank you!

@MikeMcCarthy This should be fixed.

However, the parent has 2 usernames at my.scouting. One is an e-mail address. The other has Google sign in turned on. Which one would he like to keep?

Hi! I have a parent with 2 children and she has 2 accounts that need to be merged. 140320300 and 134335846.

@BrandyCoffee that is fixed - the username log in survived - the email login was ended - I recommend that They contact your local council and ask them to use the Registrar Tools to look up the children. When they look up the children, they want to check children’s “User Relationship” and make sure that children are connected to parent with Only the correct BSA member ID number - 134335846

Hi Jennifer. He would like to keep 14514938 and eliminate 14759065.

@MikeMcCarthy BSA member numbers cannot be merged, they can only be managed.

I have set BSA 14759065 as “primary” for this user, because this is the one that has his parent / child relationships at my.scouting.

He has 2 usernames at my.scouting. One is an e-mail address, and the other has Google sign in turned on. Which one would he like to keep?

Thank you! Here is the parent’s feedback:

I guess keep the username that is tied to my family (believe that is the email). Will need a password reset please. The other account can be eliminated if possible to avoid future confusion.

@MikeMcCarthy Both usernames are set to 14759065, so they are both tied to his family right now.

I can request that the other username with Google sign in be retired.

Thank you very much! Yes, please have the other username retired.

Good afternoon, I am a Den leader and having issues with duplicate IDs. 110343226 and 137390911. The one my pack is using and set up in Scoutbook shows the South FL council, which was when I was younger and made Eagle. Now I am in Flint River Council and have been a Den leader for Lions, Tigers and this year for Wolves. I am confused if these are merged or not.

Hi. I believe that I have created 2 ids. it says another user is using the same email address. My Id is 14766849

I have two IDs. I would like to keep 12660557 and delete 13172935. Can you help me do this? Thank you.


Each Council has its own set of BSA Member IDs (MIDs) so when you moved to a new Council you were give a new number.

You also have 2 Scoutbook accounts and 2 my.scouting.org IDs which I can merge. I need to know which my.scouting.org ID you would like to retain. One uses your e-mail address and the other uses the Google Login button. Either is fine to keep. I will set the remaining ID up with your current MID as primary and former MID as secondary.

Also, if you are a Wolf den leader this year you are not properly registered. Your registration is for Lion Guide, not Den Leader. Your Charter Org Rep can change this via Position Manger in my.scouting.org.


You are getting the “another account is using your e-mail” message because your address is on your son’s Scoutbook account. We can remove this if you would like. Just let us know.


MIDs cannot be deleted, only managed. Your primary MID is 12660557. You have 2 my.scouting.org IDs. One is your e-mail address and one is the portion of your e-mail address before the @. We can merge these and add MID 13172935 as secondary. We just need to know which one you want to retain.

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I need to be able to get email messages sent From the Scoutmaster through Scoutbook as my boys are not so diligent, yet, about keeping up with dates and information.

@LayneKing1 your unit is where you need to start this conversation. I will take a look to see if you have 2 accounts by chance.

@LayneKing1 you are attached to your 2 scouts already. go to scoutbook.scouting.com > click Administration > under My Family you will see them