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Bug: Activity Logs

When I go in to update our activity logs, everything is fine until I add members who participated. The problems:

1 - We have many scouts and leaders showing up that have bridged out/moved away from our pack. Not a glitch, but highly frustrating as we are a large pack and there are many people to attempt to scroll through and:

2 - When choosing a name, many times, MANY names suddenly highlight themselves and mark as present. You then have to remove each of the names separately.

3 - I can only add a name or two at a time before having to save the activity due to the glitching mentioned above. Saving takes up to 2 minutes each time. I then have to reopen the event to add another 1 or 2 members and repeat the slow process.

Thank you for looking into it.

Are these Scouts and Leaders still on your roster in the membership manager? I suspect they’ll continue to show up until either the Councile finishes the paperwork to transfer them, or when you recharter and drop them from your roster.

Thank you for replying, Steve. You are correct. My reason for mentioning it is because we are a large pack and therefore have many people listed that are no longer engaging with our unit and have not been pulled from our unit to their new troops. There are also many more who have left scouting or are adult leaders that are not continuing in leadership roles on the troop level so they will sit there until recharter (although they have been removed from scoutbook). Just like you mentioned.

If not for the weird glitch that marks many people and the time to mark the attendees, the Scouts/Scouters being listed would simply be a bittersweet reminder of friends that have moved on. Due to the glitch, their names allow the glitch to have many more names for the system to mark and cause a great inconvenience.

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