Scouts still on my.scouting roster, but have disappeared from Scoutbook

I have two sibling scouts that transferred into my pack from a different council. They initially appeared in Scoutbook about 24 hours after they were on my roster, as expected, but have since disappeared from Scoutbook even though they remain on my roster.

What can I do to get them back to Scoutbook?

BSA ID# 140397179 and 140397140

@HilaryHaines I set a sync to get them back in - they got hit with a new bug that is being fixed. when they come back in you will need to put in dens - I would put end dates on old Scoutbook memberships for them

They’re back! Thank you so much

Hello @DonovanMcNeil - I am having the exact same issue. Can you perform a ‘sync’ for my scout? He is on my roster but not in Scoutbook. The other Cubmaster doesn’t have him as a connection either.

BSA ID for scout - 14573547

@JordanMeyer ok a sync is set for this afternoon - you will need to reassign to a den

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Just wanted to follow up here. Mine worked. Thank you for the quick response and performing the action to fix this scout. Appreciate it @DonovanMcNeil!

Similar Issue- BSA ID 140135606. Rechartered in July with our pack. Moved out of state and multiple-registered with a pack in another council. Scout no longer shows in our Scoutbook, but shows on our my.scouting roster and confirmed on our roster by council registrar. Scout’s mother BSA ID 103454010 is a registered leader in our pack, still in our scoutbook, but noticed her address has changed to a place she lived at 5 years ago and has moved twice since. Was correct prior to her son daul-registering in another council. How can I get these issues corrected?

Take them one at a time, more or less.

Some of the volunteers can check on the Scout.

Is the mother showing up as a registered leader in my.scouting? You didn’t mention that. If she doesn’t show up in my.scouting, then she isn’t registered in your unit. She can update her own address, so it would be best to have her go and see what is up with addresses.


The issue is the Scout is dual registered in another Council. Each Council has their own set of BSA Member IDs. I have found registrations in Grand Canyon Council and Western Los Angeles County Council.

Is the plan for this Scout to remain dual registered?

Scoutbook only supports 1 BSA member ID per account. Knowing what the family plans do to will help us determine the best course of action.

The Scout’s MIDs are: 140388892 and 140135606. You don’t need to do anything with these, I’m just putting them here in case another SUAC member picks up this thread.

Yes the scout plans to remain dual registered at least until Aug 1, 2024.

I didn’t mention I am the COR. Yes, the mother is/has been a registered leader with units in our CO for 15+ years. She is in Scoutbook, and my.scouting roster. The complaint is the home address changing; everything else is OK.
Certainly she can update her own address, but why is it reverting to something from 5 years ago when she just updated it a couple months ago?

Your question was about getting the issue corrected. She can correct it. Mentioning this here, though, will report the old address change as a bug.

If a stale address remains in Akela, the person database, on a 2nd BSA Member ID and that member ID is updated due to a change in membership, the system will place that MID on the SB account and push address data to it. I suspect this is what happened in this case.

Being dual registered in multiple councils makes this problem worse because SB only supports a single MID and each Council has their own set of MIDs that cannot be shared with other councils.

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